Written word

Need to get your message out but not sure how to put your vision into words?

We offer a range of content development services that fine-tune your message and deliver it to your audience in a way that really grabs their attention.

Basic copywriting Basic copywriting

To put it bluntly, most people, although they can string a sentence together, lack the skill to really pack a punch with their prose. Ever wondered why you can spend hours slaving over your written work and only a handful of people ever seem to read it? Wordsmithing simply isn’t everyone’s trade, so why not give your message the TLC it deserves and ensure it makes an impact?

Powerful copywriting appeals to the emotions and reason of your audience while maintaining their attention. Effective copy includes the following characteristics:

  • stress issues/benefits
  • focus on the audience
  • differentiate your organization or service
  • prove your case
  • establish credibility
  • call to action

We incorporate all of these elements to write copy that grabs attention, communicates the intended message and persuades your audience to take the next step – the most important response of all.

If you require a more subtle approach, such as for branding or public relations purposes, we write in a range of styles and formats, such as:

  • Promotional or feature articles for magazines/news/blogs
  • Organization profiles
  • Media releases
  • Reports – e.g. conference papers, your annual report, an investigative report for a campaign, a market research report, etc.

Word of warning: there are some really cheap copywriting deals out there… particularly from non-native English speakers whose language skills may be below par. Watch out for these! Copywriters charging a minimum-wage rate are not professionals and are likely to leave your work seriously sub-standard. With copywriting, you get the professional you pay for.

Catalyst for Transition’s basic copywriting service includes the following:

  • Preliminary consultation to determine your needs, goals and audience
  • Copywriting according to your specification
  • 2 revisions
 Non-profit rate Small business rate Industry standard

$100/ 500 words

(2 revisions)

$150/ 500 words

(2 revisions)


(no revisions)

Premium CopywritingPremium copywriting

Catalyst for Transition’s premium copywriting service includes the following, in addition to the basic service:

  • Research into receptive audience & publications
  • Research into topic
  • Fact-checking service
Non-profit rate Small business rate

$150/ 500 words

$220/ 500 words


Frankly we’ve lost count of all of the examples of poorly presented prose we come across. Although we don’t doubt our clients’ ability to string a sentence together, there are few who can do so in a highly polished and professional manner, and all but the most expert of writers need a helping hand in order to hit their mark.

Editing is not just proofreading for errors. Substantive editing involves proper organization of your information in a logical sequence that comes across to your reader in a compelling manner. Copy editing provides you with snappy sentences that engage your reader and encourage them to read on, hungry for more. Proofreading is only the final stage – the point at which we tidy up your work and ensure it is professionally presented with all the t’s crossed, the i’s dotted, and commas, colons, semicolons (it’s not often we see one of these used correctly!), hyphens, quotation marks, and italic emphasis in their proper position!

Word of warning: there are some really cheap editing deals out there… Watch out for these! Editors charging a minimum-wage rate are not professionals, and are likely to leave your work seriously sub-standard. With editing, you get the professional you pay for.

Catalyst for Transition’s editing service includes the following:

  • Substantive editing to achieve a logical and cohesive structure to your work
  • Copy editing to achieve the ideal phrasing for your message
  • Proofreading to eliminate errors and add polish
Non-profit rate Small business rate Industry standard

$20/ 1,000 words

$30/ 1,000 words


(depends on experience & level of edit required)

Writers guideManaging your Message writers’ guide

Many clients feel they need a little help with managing their message, and are keen to up-skill with some extra tricks of the wordsmithing trade. Catalyst for Transition’s Managing your Message writers’ guide helps you to identify your audience, message and the appropriate medium for communication. The guide also assists you in developing, structuring, phrasing and polishing your argument, and includes specific sections on writing for the media, writing to inform, and writing to persuade.